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“In-App Wifi Toggle” is an application for Android.

The applications single purpose is to toggle a phones WiFi connection without leaving the current application.

How to Use the Application

After installation, the application can be launched in one of the following ways:

Please note you CANNOT launch the application:

  • from the “application tray” since there is no icon/shortcut for the app
  • using the “Open” button when viewing the app details in the “Market” application
  • if you do not have either “search” or “call/phone” hard keys on your handset

Other points to note:

  • there are no settings for this application
  • if you do not have a search or call/phone hard key then you cannot use the application

Handset Compatibility

Please note that due the the vast variety of Android handsets and the buttons available to them, this application may not be compatible with all users handsets.

There are known issues with the following phones:

The following handsets do not have either a “search” or “call/phone” hard key and so the application is not directly launchable however please see How To Add In-App Toggle Apps to Your Notification Bar:

  • Motorolla Cliq/Dext
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Sony Xperia X10
  • Sony Xperia X10 Mini

The following handsets ARE known to work:

  • HTC Desire
  • HTC G1/Dream
  • HTC Evo
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Legend
  • HTC Magic/MyTouch 3G
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Motorolla Droid/Milestone
  • Nexus One
  • Samsung Moment

Images of Application in Use

Application In Use
Application In Use


v1.2 Bug fixes
v1.1 Added short press of “call/green” hard key
v1.0 Initial release

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